February 7, 2019

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006 - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Part 1)

Bond - or should we say Hilly - knows how to spin a good genealogical yarn
The Tim Tam Slam is an Aussie tradition!
Bond: George Lazenby
Drink: Boozy Coffee or Hot Cocoa ​(Tim Tam Slammed)

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George Lazenby takes over the role of Bond, and we have so much to talk about! So much in fact, that this is our first two-part episode! So join us in part 1 of our discussion of On Her Majesty's Secret Service where we disagree on the film's music, agree on how awesome the Bond girl Tracy is, and we cozy up with some boozy hot chocolates and coffees as Keegan teaches Chris the finer points of a Tim Tam Slam.
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