April 7, 2019

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S-Branch 001

S-Branch: The Sober Sister Podcast to Boozing and Bonding

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In our first episode of S-Branch (the sober sister podcasts to Boozing & Bonding), Chris has some lingering thoughts about Goldfinger, and the boys actually finally make rules for their James Bond drinking game.

Also, vote for who you want to win in our Season 1 award show episode...

The Bondies - Season 1 Awards

The first "Season" of Boozing & Bonding is complete! So far, we've watched 8 films, spanning from the seminal 1962 Dr. No to 1971's Diamonds are Forever,and even venturing all the way to 1983's Never Say Never Again in our pilot! (Basically, we watched a lot of Sean Connery and a liiiittle bit of George Lazenby.) Now - we want to choose our favourites so far, and we'd like your help doing so! Fill out our survey to make your voice heard!