February 7, 2020

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0011 - Moonraker

Bond, after arriving on a secret space base: Did I leave the oven on?
Tang Sucks! - Buzz Aldrin
Bond: Roger Moore
Drink: Tang Screwdrivers
(Orange, Grape, & Pineapple)

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Pack your bags folks! It's time to blast off with Roger Moore's 1979 Bond film, Moonraker!! So grab your Tang and vodka, and get Astro-drunk with Keegan and Chris as they navigate the most cartoony of Bond's outings. It's a film where laser fights fit right in with a hovercraft gondola, a double-taking pigeon, and the most farfetched thing, love at first sight. Also, Jaws is back! Yay!
Keegan's Rating
006.25 / 007
Chris' Rating
006 / 007

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