June 7, 2020

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S-Branch 004 (ft. Lindsay Braynen)

S-Branch: The Sober Sister Podcast to Boozing and Bonding

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We’re joined by our first ever guest and friend of the show Lindsay Braynen (Hey Magical Girl) as we dive in-depth back into the crocodile-infested waters of Live and Let Die to talk about the representation of Voodoo and black culture in this film, and so much more! ​We also play a game of mad-libs (unrelated.)
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Hey Magical Girl!

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"​Exploring The Intersections of Spirituality + Fandom, 'Hey Magaical Girl!' takes a witchy look at your favorite franchises in pop-culture for discourse, inspiration and magic."

Lindsay Braynen's podcast on "pop culture magic, art, & discourse" can be found on her website (www.heymagicalgirl.com) and on Spotify and Podbean.